In this time of national health crisis, our practice has been thrusted into the forefront of providing emergency dental care to patients who are in pain or have infections.  We are also managing dental conditions which we anticipate will develop into pain and/or infections over the course of the uncertain future.  We are undertaking this task to avoid over burdening the hospital emergency rooms. 

We make every effort to ensure the safety of our patients, our employees and the general public.  If you feel that your condition is elective, please do not schedule an appointment. However, if you are experiencing pain or swelling, we would be happy to see you.  We ask that you fill out forms online so as to minimize the amount of time you spend in the office and any family members are asked to wait outside (unless the patient is a minor).  If you have a fever, cough, respiratory illness or are displaying any symptoms of a cold we will have to reschedule your appointment. 

Your health and safety is our priority.